Getting caught in the rain

We've all been there! Out for a weekend ride or morning commute and it starts to rain. You feel your kit stick to your body, making you feel heavy, cold and uncomfortable. You're covered in a mixture of rain, mud and sweat, and you feel a little worse for wear.

There are times when you need (or want!) to be on your bike regardless. It's these times where you need to rely on your kit to protect you so that you can focus on your ride. dhb has completely revolutionised wet-weather riding with the re-launch of their Aeron Rain Defence range.

Powered by world-leading technology from fabric partners, Polartec® and Schoeller®, dhb has created one of their most technically advanced ranges of cycle clothing. If you're into your tech, this is definitely one to look out for.

We caught up with dhb Designer, Nick to find out what's new about this seasons Aeron Rain Defence, and why it's a must have on wet winter rides. 

What is Rain Defence?

Rain Defence is our answer to foul weather rides. When you have no idea which way the weather will turn and it doesn't matter because you're in the saddle regardless. It's designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in wet weather conditions.

Driven by fabric technology, our design and development team have spent the last two years researching and testing to re-engineer how Rain Defence is made. We've taken into account the real need for protection from the rain, road spray and other foul winter weather. 

The Jacket

The Aeron Rain Defence Polartec Jacket uses Polartec® Powersheild Pro®, a highly technical softshell fabric which offers resistance from the rain, along with warmth, breathability and a comfortable stretch. This ensures you're not soaked through from the rain on the outside, or sweat on the inside. It also makes this jersey extremely versatile for when you're not quite sure which way the weather is going to turn.

Tried and tested

We gave Canyon dhb Pro-Rider, Charles Page Rain Defence kit to test.

“I'm always sceptical with clothing claims of waterproofing, however when testing dhb Rain Defence and seeing the water bead-up and roll off was a very pleasant surprise! The fit for the range is not that of a normal rain collection, as it fits much more like a race jersey.

This makes it substantially more comfortable to wear as there's never any loose material flapping in the wind. Lastly, as the sun came out at the end of one of my rides, I never felt as though I was boiling in the kit. Unlike other jackets and tights, I was able to stay cool making it ideal for all round weather!”

The Tights 

Powered by world leading fabric technology from Schoeller®, these bib tights are built to withstand the toughest wet weather conditions.

Schoeller® NanoSphere® incorporates a highly durable water repellent treatment which prevents rain, road spray and other wintery elements from saturating the exterior of the tights. Essentially, this is your first line of defence for stopping your kit from becoming waterlogged, making sure you stay warm, comfortable and most importantly, dry.

One of the biggest benefits of using Schoeller® fabrics is the incredible flexibility they offer. The technology is there to keep you dry, but it won't restrict your movement on the bike.

Part of our comprehensive Aeron collection, the Rain Defence Bib Tight has a performance fit built to keep you comfortable on high tempo rides or hours in the saddle. 

The balance between weather resistance and comfort 

dhb Designer, Nick told us:

“The technology that underpins Rain Defence has been revolutionised through our partnership with Polartec®. Powershield Pro® offers high resistance from foul weather, but more significantly it offers unrivalled levels of breathability.

Cyclists operate at an intensity that overpowers most waterproof/breathable fabrics, however Polartec® Powershield Pro® operates at the highest level, making this the most comfortable Rain Defence product that it is possible for us to make.”