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Sports nutrition can be a minefield, for both amateur and professionals alike; so in this guide, we ask which supplements could help your cycling, and which supplements could help you to ride faster and recover faster.

We asked former competitive cyclist, coach and sports scientist, James Hewitt, to share his experience and advice on supplements. He talks us through how incorporating various Bio-Synergy supplements into your training regime, could help to improve your performance and your wellbeing.




Do you want greater power and lean muscle gains? Creatine is probably the most widely used sports nutrition supplement, yet it is often overlooked by cyclists.

The supplement helps to increase lean muscle mass, which is important for endurance sports. However, it also plays a role in reducing lactic acid creation; in the process it can create a pool of anaerobic/explosive energy, which can be used for a sprint finish, or when extra power is needed.

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Stamina and performance go hand-in-hand when it comes to cycling. Good stamina will result in energy being used more efficiently - resulting in a better performance. The humble root vegetable beetroot is packed full of natural nitrates, which can contribute to helping improving your stamina.

If you hate the taste of beetroot though, BioSynergy have created convenient and effective capsules; packed with all the goodness, but without the taste!

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Fat Burners

In the words of James Cracknell (Olympic gold medallist and all-round legend): having the best kit in the world is great, but ultimately if you are carrying excess weight, that will hinder your performance and wellbeing. For this reason, an effective fat burner can be a great help in achieving your goals.

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BCAA’s and Amino Acids

Having aches and pains after training is often the norm; especially when you are looking to take your performance to the next level. However, muscle soreness can be reduced with proper nutrition.

Branch-chain amino acids (namely leucine, isoleucine and valine) have been the subject of a great deal of research, and it is now well documented that they are effective supplements for improving recovery after intense exercise.

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About Bio-Synergy

Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been at the fore-front of the UK sports nutrition industry, and they have over 4 million customers across the globe. Their advocates range from Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medallists, across multiple disciplines; to fitness enthusiasts, and those just simply looking to lose weight. Numerous cyclists, runners and swimmers have incorporated the acclaimed and award winning supplements range into their training, to help them to achieve their goals. In fact, Bio-Synergy supplements may have fuelled more PB's, gold medals and World Champions than any other brand!

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