• Staff reviews
    Orca 3.8 Wetsuit Review
    27 Aug 2015
    I gave the team at Orca a call, having sampled their Predator last year and falling in love with its fit and ability to slice through the water. They listened to the events I was competing in this year, the result was the Orca 3.8 Enduro Wetsuit
  • How to guides
    How to prepare for your next triathlon
    30 Jun 2015
    Entering your first triathlon can be at first daunting and your serious preparation begins now. The longer the time you have before your event the better, it will give you time to prepare, train and if totally new then spread the costs of the numerous items you will need.
  • Training guides
    Triathlon training guide
    26 Jun 2015
    Why train for a triathlon? Triathlon is a demanding sport and if you are just starting out, preparation and training is what will ensure you have the most enjoyable experience. All triathletes need to have a solid swim, cycle and run training schedule. It doesn't matter if you're doing a sprint race or an Ironman race; a sound training...
  • Training guides
    Zone3 Performance: Guide to quick transitions
    24 Jun 2015
    Following months of training and preparation you have just exited the water into transition having achieved your best swim time to date. The last thing you want to do now is to give up a chunk of unnecessary time in transition by fumbling around and wrestling with your wetsuit. Transition are something that can be second nature and done extremely...
  • Buying guides
    Women swimming wearing Orca wetsuit
    09 Jun 2015
    How should a wetsuit feel? A lot of people dread swimming in open water, yet it can be the most incredible, enlivening experience! There's the fizz of the bubbles when you jump in, the rush of water off your back as you exit... Experiencing the benefits is about confidence, both in your ability and your kit. This starts with a good wetsuit...
  • How to guides
    How to put on a wetsuit guide
    02 Jun 2015
    The great thing about wetsuits is that they feel like a second skin and this is precisely why they are so effective in the water. In this Wiggle guide, triathlete Paul Newsome offers his top tips for putting on and taking off your wetsuit. Having a sound technique is key to making sure you don't damage your wetsuit especially when you have to...
  • Buying guides
    Image of women wearing Orca wetsuit warming up by the sea
    27 May 2015
    For triathletes and open water swimmers, a good quality wetsuit is a part of your kit. In this guide we look at the range of ORCA Wetsuits; considering the different technology and which ORCA wetsuit is best for you. About ORCA Orca has been producing innovative and technical wetsuits for over 20 years. It is a leading brand in the sports apparel...