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    How to pick the best running shoes for triathlon
    02 Mar 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    It’s the last leg. You’ve already swum and cycled. You might be starting to feel fatigued but there’s one more job to do. Whatever the distance, the right pair of running shoes will make the difference between simply finishing and finishing strong in your triathlon. What to look for Finding the right pair of running shoes for...
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    Athletes competing in a triathlon
    01 Mar 2019
    With three stages and a lot of conditioning and event strategy to get right, you have a lot to contend with. So, to give you one less thing to worry about, we’ve put together this guide looking at the essential triathlon kit you’re going to need.
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    How to help your loved ones Beat Yesterday this Christmas
    23 Nov 2018
    This Christmas help a loved one to beat yesterday with the help of Garmin . Whether they’ve set their sights on a marathon, they want to get faster on the bike, or they simply want to get more active, there’s a Garmin that can help. Shop Garmin at Wiggle For the cyclist who likes to stay connected Tiny but mighty, the Garmin Edge 130...
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    Legal doping. How to make caffeine work for you
    23 Oct 2018
    Caffeine has a long history as a performance booster in sport and it has been researched extensively for its physiological and mental effects during exercise. But why? And how can you benefit from using it? HIGH5 give us the lowdown. Caffeine as a stimulant Caffeine acts as a stimulant for your central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord),...
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    Product spotlight: High5 ZERO Hydration Tabs
    23 Oct 2018
    HIGH5 ZERO is one of our top selling nutrition products. The simple electrolyte tabs can be added to water to produce a refreshing and hydrating drink. HIGH5 ZERO replaces vital salts as well as fluids.
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    man running into sea wearing dhb wetsuit
    21 Oct 2018
    Rick Kiddle was one of the first ever triathletes in Britain. In this training guide he provides a comprehensive training model for beginner level triathletes looking to improve their performances. Rick has 20 years competition experience and 20 years coaching knowledge. He is an established British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach, as well as a...
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    image of swimmer running into water wearing dhb wetsuit
    12 Oct 2018
    This excellent video from dhb shows you how to put on your wetsuit correctly and comfortably. When you fit your suit correctly, it should feel like a second skin, this is precisely why wetsuits are so effective in the water.
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    04 Oct 2018
    In this guide, nutrition experts from PowerBar look at the best ways to hydrate, energize and recover from a triathlon. Good nutrition for the tri-sports event is fundamental, and this is a great insight… Why should you use sports nutrition? Triathletes are tough, and must be ready to give everything. A long distance triathlon is arguably...
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    How to recover right - How much protein do you need to recover?
    14 Jul 2018
    In this guide, nutrition experts from PowerBar talk us through the different kinds of protein, and why it is important to have a mixture of protein, at the correct times, in order to aid recovery. --- How much protein do you need after training, and what kind? It is clear that type, amount and timing of protein intake, can have an impact on muscle...
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    SiS nutrition guide
    14 May 2018
    About Science in Sport We believe that the most sophisticated piece of sports equipment you’ll ever own is your body. Science in Sport creates mechanics for the machinery of man. We’re the unseen force behind personal bests, world records and photo finishes. At the heart of everything we do is the simple belief that if you don’t...