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We all understand the importance of fuelling our bodies, to get the most out of our exercise. At TREK, they believe in fuelling the natural way. The wholefood way. So they created a range of energy bars for those who seek a natural energy source. With wholesome ingredients and natural protein, TREK provides a satisfying burst of energy, which sticks with you and keeps you going, when you need it most.


Seeking energy the natural way

There are plenty of energy 'fuels' on the market; from fluorescent coloured drinks to syrup-filled bars. TREK (and Wiggle) believe that there is a better way to fuel though; getting your boost from nature itself, through a range of tasty wholefoods.

TREK reckon that all our energy can be derived from wholefoods, but what are those exactly? In short, they're foods that are as closest to their natural state as possible; with minimal processing and additions. Nature is power!


"I had a great date on last night's ride..."

Dates, are a great example of natural energy. Their natural sugars are absorbed in a completely different way to refined sugars. The secret to their superfood status is their low Glycemic index (GI), which means they are absorbed more steadily into the bloodstream and the muscles; providing a great source of energy, for longer.

Dates go one step further too… They contain many essential minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc; and lots of vitamins too, including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A and vitamin K. All of these help your energy absorption, and increase your stamina!

TREK like a good date, it seems; which is why you'll find them in TREK Protein Bars. Dates are one of the delicious wholefoods that are combined with other fruits, gluten-free oats and nuts; to provide a healthy snack that is ideal for fueling during your exercise, and refueling after your workout.



Protein and steady energy

Protein is essential if you are an active person, as it plays a huge part in muscle repair, growth and development. Carbohydrates have an equally important role in this, as they provide the energy to carry out these functions. This is why both need to be included as part of an active lifestyle, and why both are included in all of the fantastic range of TREK bars at Wiggle.

TREK bars also contain fibre, which slows down the absorption of sugar, for longer lasting energy; whilst increasing the digestion time, so you'll feel fuller for longer.


One last thing… that classic snack, nuts and raisins.

Raisins are a natural, quick-digesting sugar source; to give you energy when you need it most. Cashew nuts provide a significant source of carbohydrates, and are a great pre-exercise energy fuel or post exercise snack; cashews are also a fantastic source of a whole host of micronutrients, like phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and zinc.


Don't forget the oats…

Finally, if you're looking for further natural energy sources, look no further than the mighty oat. Packed with complex carbohydrates, they sustain your energy levels and help refuel your muscles post exercise.


Natural goodness

So where can you get all of this in one place? TREK energy bars! They contain 10g of natural protein from Protein Soya Crunchies. There's also complex carbohydrates from oats, and healthy fats from nuts.

TREK bars are a great solution for those wanting a natural bar, which gives you a steady release of energy and keeps you topped up with protein. Yum!