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SupaCaz Super Sticky KUSH Bar Tape image

I normally write bar tape reviews soon after I’ve stripped the tape off my handle bars. It's normally the best time to judge this simple bicycle component, which makes such a difference to the feel of your ride. Has it been comfortable? Has it worn out quickly? Has it made my bike look awesome? Well, I’ve encountered an unusual circumstance ... I’m reviewing the Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape, while it's still on my bike. Why? Because it continues to look great, and it continues to be incredibly comfortable; even after 5,000km of testing!

Supacaz bar tape is highly versatile

My road riding involves a mix of everything. I enjoy blasting along in the bunch at a road race, I enjoy spending an hour in the drops at a criterium; equally though, I love (probably more so) just getting out for a long day of riding, and racking up a good 300 kilometre day. This Supacaz tape has proven fantastic for all of these pursuits, over the last few months of testing.

image of Supacaz Super Sticky Kush bar tape roll

Comfortable and secure

Bar tape is one of your main contact points with your bike, and along with the chamois in your shorts and the shoes that you wear, it has a massive impact on comfort. You know it, when you’ve found the right tape for you.

When I first fitted the Supacaz tape, with its neat stealth detailing and shiny bar end plugs, it instantly felt like a “comfort” option. It was soft and cushy on the tops, but felt surprisingly secure and grippy on the drops. Unusually, it has actually got better with age, too! The little ridges on the overlaps have flattened out, and the slightly too Kush tops have quickly reached a great level of pile. This tape continues to feel great, with or without gloves.

This tape continues to feel great, with or without gloves.

Highly durable bar tape

What is perhaps even more impressive than the feel of this Supacaz tape, though, is the durability. 5,000 kilometres of riding; on everything from baking hot mountain passes, to wet British summer mornings, would usually leave bar tape looking tatty and discoloured. It’s a problem that is often more likely with deep cushioned bar tape, too; as gel padding tends to deteriorate faster than traditional cork. That hasn’t been the case with the Super Sticky Kush. The photos in this review demonstrate that this tape is proving incredibly durable. A quick spray and brush with bike wash easily removes sweat, spilt gels, dirt and other debris from the surface, and leaves it feeling (and looking) like new. Impressive.

A quick spray and brush with bike wash easily removes sweat, spilt gels, dirt and other debris


Overall, the Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape is easily one of the best bar tapes I’ve used. Yes, it’s a high end tape, and with that holds quite a high price tag. However, it is also superbly comfortable, and it has already lasted almost three times longer than most bar tape I’ve tested! That makes it actually seem great value, and it certainly means I’ll be considering using again! Super KUSH!  

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Published on: 21 Oct 2016

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