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Take care of your recovery 

By the time we get to January & February you are likely to have racked up a lot of mileage and you may have done your main focus event for the year. Make sure you take care of your recovery to help keep yourself injury free and being able to make the most of your peak fitness levels. It’s easy to slip into summer BBQ’s and week day drinks, but try to keep some goals in mind to help keep your nutrition on track.

Here are a few tips to help you recover properly and help you to feel fresh ready for your next challenge.

Never forget the 30-minute rule

Your metabolism stays lifted for around 30 minutes post-exercise, so make the most of this opportunity by replacing carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes at that this time. This will help to optimise your recovery and provide your body with what it needs to make the adaptations you have stimulated during training. This could be done with “real food”, such as chicken and white rice, or a complete sports recovery product such as SiS REGO Rapid Recovery, which contains 23g of carbohydrate and 20g of protein.

The amino acid leucine is particularly important when it comes to building new muscle tissue. Leucine acts as a trigger to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis, and is present in high levels in dairy foods. An additional 2g of leucine has been added to SiS REGO Rapid Recovery to further improve recovery rates.

Always plan ahead. Pre-planning your meals or snacks after training ensures that you can hit the 30-minute window easily. If you commute to work without eating first thing in the morning, make sure you have some breakfast at work to avoid struggling with your concentration levels throughout the rest of the morning. Or have SiS REGO Rapid Recovery pre-mixed in your kitbag for when you finish at the gym or get back from a ride or run.

Use recovery tools sparingly

Whilst ice baths and compression clothing can be of great help around competition, using them consistently throughout training has been found to blunt the training response, as it removes some of the stimulus for adaptation. Stick to properly cooling down, with a good stretch routine and maybe some foam roller work to ease tight muscles. For intense training or competition, using SiS Overnight Protein Powder before bed helps to further enhance recovery by providing a pool of slowly released amino acids as you sleep to help prevent the breakdown of lean muscle mass when you are in energy deficit.

Immune function can be suppressed after large volumes or high intensity endurance training, making you more prone to coughs and colds. Vitamins C and D help to support your immune function. Each serving of SiS REGO Rapid Recovery contains 20% of your RDA of vitamin D and 30% of your RDA of vitamin C.