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Winter is a time of "secret training", when you can unlock your potential to be a superb athlete come the brighter and warmer months of summer. As they say, "Winter Miles, Summer Smiles". Your cold weather training will only pay dividends with the correct nutrition strategy though...

You are what you eat

The cold months of winter bring with them an increased risk of getting run down and falling ill. However, with the correct nutrition you can provide your immune system with far greater strength, and keep you training day after day. The key is a healthy balanced diet, which contains a good mix of lean protein (fish, eggs and fresh meat), slow release carbohydrates (basmati rice, potatoes, oats), and a large and plentiful supplement of fruit and veg to keep your vitamin levels topped up.

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Fuel for training - Realise your potential

Fuelling during the winter months is just as important as on those long summer sessions. To keep your body working at its optimum, you'll need 60 grams of carbohydrate each hour, ideally coming from a mix of fast and slow release sources such as SiS GO Isotonic Gels and SIS Go Energy Bars.

As well as carbohydrate fuel, your body also needs to stay hydrated during the winter months; something that is easily overlooked when your water bottle is closer to a ice cube. You should continue to consume 500-1000 ml of fluid each hour; just because it's cold, doesn't mean you aren't sweating under those numerous layers of insulation. A carbohydrate and electrolyte drink such as SiS Go Electrolyte will help to keep you fuelled and hydrated.

For a lower calorie option, and a real winter warmer, SiS Go Hydro Tabs can even be consumed with hot water!

Repair and recover

Training isn't productive unless you recover, and in the cold winter months you may do yourself more harm than good if you get ill from poor recovery nutrition. Consuming some high quality protein, such as whey or soy protein within 30 minutes of exercise will help to kick-start the recovery process. The SiS REGO Rapid Recovery range provides and quick and simple solution, and helps keep your body fueled so that it can start the recover process.

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