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First impressions

This Primal Limited Cycling Jersey looks great. With its comfortable Sport Cut (relaxed fit), simple design (nice clean lines) and the pastel colours, it blends together nicely to make a subtle, yet eye catching summer garment to wear. Also, with the Sport Cut fit the jersey is more inclined to be worn by riders not wanting a race cut finish so it's ideal for commuters, mountain bikers, club cyclists and even riders who love to bang out century rides competing in Grand Fondos. Designed for comfort it’s a jersey that also offers great functionality and performance at a good price.

The Fit

Thanks to Primal’s Sport Cut fit, the jersey is not tight or constrictive in any way, it has been designed for maximum rider comfort. The jersey is not overly baggy, but just gives you a bit more “breathing” room which is especially nice when the weather is baking hot outside or if you prefer a more relaxed fit in a jersey. Plenty of riders love a Race cut (aero) finish to a jersey for all sorts of reasons, whereas others, more sedate riders perhaps, prefer a jersey that provides more room, less tightness, and a garment which is more functional, but still offers some qualities Race cut jersey provides.

Good storage space

The jersey features three rear pockets and a 3/4 length hidden YKK invisible zip. The pockets provided good storage space for my essentials with the zip giving good ventilation when required. A couple of things I noticed with the pockets while out riding was the fact that they felt slightly high up on my back. Getting the energy bar out and reaching for my phone was a bit difficult at times. Also, I would have liked to seen the jersey come with a small zipped rear pocket/compartment so I could carry some cash.

Front view of the Primal Limited jersey

Regarding the zip, its operation was good if slightly stiff at times. I did like the way it was concealed though, apart from the pull tab, but if I’m honest I do prefer my jerseys with a full length zip. Don’t get me wrong the 3/4 length zip was good, but I don’t like to pull the jersey over my head to get it on or off.

One other point to note is the fact that the jersey does not come with a silicone hem gripper so it does ride up when cycling. This may be the reason why I found it hard to get into my pockets from time to time. 


During my 2 week training stint in France, I found the Primal Limited Cycling Jersey very comfortable to wear. The added “breathing” room allowed my body to breath far more than if I had a tight fitting jersey on. I would definitely recommend it to riders that want comfort and functionality rather than race-cut aero look. The pockets were good, slightly high up in my opinion, but still held my food, phone and gilet comfortably in place. The jersey provides an airy feel to it with the fabric wicking away sweat quickly. 

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Richard Pearman
Published on: 15 Jul 2015

Richard Pearman is an avid cyclist who has been cycling and racing since he left school. Now in his mid forties, he still has a love, and passion for cycling and being involved in all aspects of training, racing (for Team Wiggle).