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Women swimming wearing Orca wetsuit

How should a wetsuit feel?

A lot of people dread swimming in open water, yet it can be the most incredible, enlivening experience! There's the fizz of the bubbles when you jump in, the rush of water off your back as you exit...

Experiencing the benefits is about confidence, both in your ability and your kit. This starts with a good wetsuit. But what should we expect?

Orca has been a leading name in outdoor swimming for 20 years. Here is some valuable advice on what to look for when trying on a wetsuit.

 How should a wetsuit feel?

Find the right size for you

First you need to get your size right. To keep it easy, each Orca product page has a size chart. You can find it below the product images. Just click the Size Guide option:

Orca size chart

Then simply get a tape measure, note down your measurements and check the table.

Beginner and intermediate wetsuits

Beginner and intermediate wetsuits are aimed at the new and improving open water swimmer. Orca’s range has something for every budget, plus a couple of colourful options.

What to expect from beginner/ intermediate wetsuits

  • Close-fitting neck to minimise drag and to reduce water entry.
  • Flexibility around the shoulders.
  • Thicker neoprene around the hips for better buoyancy.

This range includes the Orca TRN Thermo Wetsuit for men and for women – one of Wiggle’s best selling products. It’s known for offering incredible technologies at an unbeatable price.

Beginner and intermediate wetsuits

Advanced wetsuits

Once you’re a fully-fledged open water swimmer, you’ll be keen to explore every possible way that you can take seconds off your time. Advanced wetsuits feature higher-level fabric technologies, to save you time during transition (during a triathlon) and to make you faster through the water. Orca has focused its efforts on creating a handful of technological superstars. Check out Orca’s advanced range.

What to expect from advanced wetsuits

  • Extra panels to improve swim efficiency.
  • Thinner neoprene for increased flexibility.
  • Extra contouring for a sleeker fit.
  • Compression for increased circulation and reduced lactic acid production.

The absolute crème de la crème is the Orca Predator Wetsuit for men and for women. It embodies all of Orca’s top-level technologies in one single item – it will fast become your weapon for maximum speed. It’s exceptionally lightweight, has a second-skin feel and includes zoned compression, plus a whole host of other features.

Advanced Orca wetsuits