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Introducing TrueStart coffee

Developed by triathletes, TrueStart is the only coffee in the world designed specifically for sporting performance. It is a clean, non-synthetic instant coffee blend; its unique attribute though, is that it delivers a set amount of caffeine per serving.

TrueStart is made from freeze-dried Colombian Arabica coffee beans, much like many top ground coffee brands. The difference, is that TrueStart monitor the caffeine levels in their beans; which means that unlike normal coffee, which can have anything from 10mg to 350mg of caffeine per cup, TrueStart is always constant.



What are the benefits of caffeine control?

So, why should you want to monitor your caffeine intake?

Caffeine has mulitple benefits; it mobilises your fat stores, so you can train harder for longer; it also sharpens your focus, and improves mental performance. After exercise, caffeine has been shown to increase the rate at which your muscles absorb glycogen, so you recover faster.

HOWEVER, too much caffeine - as found in some unregulated coffee, can cause adverse side effects: You might have experienced those jitters or headaches after a lot of coffee. Taken to the extreme, you can overdose on caffeine, which can cause stomach problems, dehydration, and worse.

Controlling your caffeine intake is vital.


How should I use caffeine for sporting gains?

Caffeine is an excellent ergogenic aid. It has many positive effects for sporting performance; such as improved mental focus and vigilance, increased physical endurance, and lower rates of perceived exertion.  For these reasons, physiological studies have shown it is very effective at increasing power output and time trial performance; perfect for cyclists who are after that extra edge! It also helps with glycogen resynthesis during the recovery phase of exercise; helping you to recover quicker, ready for that next session!


How much caffeine should I have?

Everyone is different, so TrueStart recommend figuring out what works best for your body. TrueStart allows you to take control of your caffeine intake, by providing 95mg in a scoop. The maximum recommended daily allowance of caffeine is 400mg (200mg for pregnant or breastfeeding women). For sports performance, 2-3mg per kilogram of bodyweight is the most widely accepted optimal level, according to a number of research papers.


What is the difference between the caffeine in energy drinks, and the caffeine in TrueStart?

Energy drinks contain synthetic caffeine. Synthetic caffeine hits the blood stream quicker, but also causes you to crash sooner; often mid workout. Energy drinks are also high in sugar and added ingredients. TrueStart contains completely natural caffeine; meaning it is slow releasing, and you tend not to have a caffeine crash – which is very important for those endurance workouts.


When should you take caffeine for training?

TrueStart highlight that their coffee can be used throughout the training regime:

  • Before – TrueStart is the ideal pre-training, natural caffeine hit. Mind. Set. Go!
  • During – A refreshing savory option to top up your caffeine levels, add it to cold water
  • After – Enjoy a hot TrueStart post-training, or add to your protein shake to speed up muscle recovery


We also asked Pro Cyclist Dan Bigham how he incorporates TrueStart in to his training…

"I use TrueStart for a number of different sessions and reasons. Primarily, I use TrueStart for interval sessions, be that on the road or the turbo. I use the precise 5 gram scoop to get the required 3mg/kg. This is the optimum amount derived during physiological lab research. I prefer drinking it black, for the cleaner flavour. The caffeine gives me the drive and edge to ensure I hit all of the numbers my coach sets me. Without it I know I would struggle!

TrueStart is a key ingredient in my pre-race preparation. On the morning of the race I prepare a flask with 10 grams of TrueStart in, ensuring I get my 3mg/kg of caffeine. I’m never one to hang around to appreciate food or drinks, so 30 minutes before the starter gun goes off I down my coffee and get warming up. I find a coffee much more appetising and easy to digest than a sickly sweet caffeine drink or multiple caffeine gels. A nice warm coffee in the cold British weather is an awesome pick-me-up before the race.

I also use TrueStart to help fuel fasted training sessions. There are a number of physiological benefits to training fasted, however it decreases glycogen availability and therefore decreases power output. Studies have shown ingesting a medium level of caffeine (150-200mg) prior to training tends to mitigate this power reduction almost completely, ensuring a good quality session can be performed! Session quality is key to my training, and therefore so is TrueStart Performance Coffee - with Optimum Caffeine!"