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    Why Vitamins & Supplements Can Help Your Workouts
    20 Apr 2020 / Tara Andrews
    Working out can be demanding on your body. When you're pushing yourself to the limit, both your mind and body can suffer. Sore muscles, aches, pains and fatigue can all play a part in slowing down any workout progress. Luckily, there are vitamins available that help your body recover quicker and keep your mind focussed. We've asked the...
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    Caffeine - A fuel for your workout
    30 Oct 2019
    Gluten-free, vegan, paleo, raw, The Primal Pantry Protein Bars are the perfect work-out fuel. Here, they explain why their Double-Espresso bar will give you the edge in your next training session. Using caffeine as a fuel for your workout is becoming ever popular among athletes and fitness novices alike. Depending on your size, gender and the kind...
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    Fuel serious endurance with SiS: ultra running or Gran Fondo
    01 Jul 2019
    Completing an ultra endurance event is an immense physical and mental challenge. This can involve exercising for 5-6 hours or more, with many of the larger events going beyond 24 hours, often through the night and in extreme temperatures.
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    How to accelerate return to sport following injury
    28 May 2019 / Randall Cooper
    Most of us are used to working to deadlines, and for those of us who work in sports medicine, we get them all the time too. Getting back to sport as soon as possible following injury is often the highest priority for athletes of all levels. So, when there’s a short time frame, what can you do to speed up recovery? Here are 6 tips to help you...
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    30 Apr 2019
    We all understand the importance of fuelling our bodies, to get the most out of our exercise. At TREK, they believe in fuelling the natural way. The wholefood way. So they created a range of energy bars for those who seek a natural energy source. With wholesome ingredients and natural protein, TREK provides a satisfying burst of energy, which sticks with you and keeps you going, when you need it most.
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    How to maximise your cross-functional training with Reflex Nutrition
    10 Apr 2019
    Made with cross-functional trainers, for cross-functional fitness. Reflex Nutrition’s X-Functional Training range is perfect to support your training. Cross-functional training works your body is a number of different ways, all at once. It puts pressure on the cardiovascular and muscular system in terms of both power and endurance, whilst...
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    Why protein is important for endurance athletes
    04 Apr 2019
    The functions of proteins Our muscles contain hundreds of proteins that all perform a variety of functions that are essential to everyday life and of course, exercise performance. For example, the contractile proteins are responsible for making our muscles produce force, the structural proteins provide structure to our muscles and the enzymatic...
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    Using nutrition to win - Wiggle's guide to carbs for the competitor
    04 Mar 2019 / Damien Whinnery
    The biggest challenge endurance athletes like triathletes, cyclists, and runners face is maximising their energy levels but, oddly, it is one of the least understood aspects of these sports.
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    Recovery tips to stay strong through the summer
    11 Jan 2019
    By the time we get to January and February you are likely to have racked up a lot of mileage and you may have done your main focus event for the year.
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    Realise your potential - SiS Winter Nutrition Guide
    23 Jul 2018
    Winter is a time of "secret training", when you can unlock your potential to be a superb athlete come the brighter and warmer months of summer. As they say, "Winter Miles, Summer Smiles". Your cold weather training will only pay dividends with the correct nutrition strategy though... You are what you eat The cold months of...