How to set up your turbo trainer in four easy steps

How do you set up a turbo trainer? Avoid common rookie mistakes with our guide to getting started with bicycle training at home.

Today's smart turbo trainers are about more than simply avoiding bad weather. Unlike spin bikes at the gym, they replicate outdoor cycling by automatically altering resistance based on your workout goals, which makes them a perfect solution for targeted training plans.  


Stretch it out with the Soul Sisters

For runners, dynamic stretching can be a valuable way of minimising the risk of injury before heading out.

Dynamic stretching techniques are also a great way to warm up, getting oxygen-rich blood to your muscles for the challenge ahead.

For some expert advice on useful stretches, we joined fitness Instagram favourites Soul Sisters Fitness at their Adidas Studio in London where they showed us some of their favourite dynamic stretches for pre-run preparation, along with a classic post-run static stretch.



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