Cassette buying guide

​A bicycle cassette is the cluster of sprockets located on the rear hub of your bike, slotting onto a freehub body and held firmly in place with a threaded cassette lockring. Find out everything you need to know in our Cassette Buying Guide. 


Commuter tyres buying guide

The best tyres for cycle commuting should be tough enough to withstand the grittiest of urban rides, whilst still offering grip and a low rolling resistance so that you can ride in confidence. Find out everything you need to know about commuter tyres in our Commuter Tyres Buying Guide.

What are cycle commuting tyres?

The daily commute can be hard on your bike in general, and especially your tyres. Urban roads are more likely to be peppered with sharp debris like broken glass which means there's a higher chance you could suffer a puncture.


How to avoid frostbitten fingers this winter

Cycling through the winter can be rewarding, but cold hands can be painful and ruin the experience.  

A good pair of cycling gloves will keep chills at bay, but what else can you do to enjoy getting out on the bike during the colder months without suffering from freezing fingertips? 

We’ve drawn on our bitter(ly cold) experience to bring you our top tips, as well as this year's best winter bike gloves for every kind of cyclist.  



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