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LifeLine Essential SPD Compatible Mountain Bike Pedal

“Strong, light, cheap. Pick two.” In the 20+ years I’ve been seriously riding bikes, there have been very few components that have defied the classic Keith Bontrager saying so it was with a slight sense of scepticism that I purchased the LifeLine Essential MTB Clipless Pedal. Weighing in at 15g lighter than the Shimano XT PD-M780 XC Race Pedals and at less than a quarter of the RRP, they seemed too good to be true. Want to know the good news? They’re not.

"Bearings are still nice and smooth"

I’ve been riding on these pedals for nearly 6 months now and I’ve covered just over 1000 miles on them over a variety of terrain and in all sorts of weather conditions. There are a couple of scuffs here and there and you can see where my shoes and the cleats have rubbed on them but that’s about it. Even the chrome still looks good! The bearings are still nice and smooth and they still feel about the same to clip in and out of. If anything they feel slightly nicer to clip in and out than when they were new.LifeLine Essential SPD Compatible Mountain Bike Pedal review


If you are really fussy about how your pedals feel when they engage and disengage you might say the Lifeline pedals feel a bit clunkier than Shimano but for me the difference is negligible. If you want a lightweight pedal with smooth sealed cartridge bearings that doesn’t break the bank then these are for you.

LifeLine Essential SPD Compatible Mountain Bike Pedal review

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Published on: 01 Sep 2015

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