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We've all been there; a rainy Tuesday night, facing the question: Turbo or TV? Sometimes a steer in the right direction can be all you need, to make sure you can maintain at least a base fitness during these cold, dark days.


Endurance cyclist Jason Lane knows a bit about motivation - he created a film on his RAAM (Race Across America) attempt of 2012, which was launched on iTunes last year


In this Wiggle Guide, Jason shares what motivates him, how important having a goal is and what keeps him in the saddle.


1. 'Get a Plan'

"I think if you have a goal that you're truly committed to, you'll stick to it. Having said that, I guess you need an 'it'... 'It' being a plan."

"I like to use a four month giant dry-erase calendar to plan out a winter training plan."

"There may be some specific sub-goals throughout; like time-trialling, power outputs, overall hours, etc., but you definitely need that pie in the sky at the end of it all; that one thing that above all else can drag your ass outta bed early in the morning, after it already kept you up late."

Training Plan


2. 'Guilt Trip'

"Then, there is that voice that questions if you really do "deserve" that rest day."

"When I was training for my first Race Across America, I hung a hand-written sign up on the wall, in direct view while on my trainer; it said "Strasser rode today" - referring to ultra-cycling legend and 3x RAAM winner Christoph Strasser."

"I wanted to win, and had ambitions to do so. I knew that if I didn't put the miles in that day, then half way around the world Christoph certainly was. Once that day goes by, you can't get it back. It's a building block in a pyramid, and if you use too many flimsy blocks, then the whole thing will crumple"

RAAM Coaching


3. Tech motivation

"Of course, having a fancy bike trainer helps too. I use a Tacx Ironman Smart Trainer that allows me to ride Google Earth courses, and ride the exact RAAM course following the route book; making notes on climbs, turns, etc."

"I've got real-life videos to ride up Oak Creek Canyon, down the Pacific coast, or up the Grossglockner. I love putting in the long rides following the RAAM route; like today, I'm on the bike until I cross Missouri, let's go!"

Tacx Smart Trainer


4. Variety - 'The Spice of Life'

"Mix it up. I have planned weeks of speed, intermediate, and distance; with corresponding gym workouts."

"Cross-training is always nice, but in the end, if you want to do something like RAAM or TransAm, you've got to put in the bike time, in a bike position. For me that means aerobars, looking up - not sitting up nice and comfy or staring down at the floor."



5. Team mates

"Although ultra-cycling is thought of as a solo sport, I think it's important to have a dedicated crew that will keep you on track in the off-season too."

"When your crew chief calls and asks how the week is going, you better have a good answer!"

"I don't want to let my friends down - who are planning on giving me two weeks or more of their lives to follow me in a van at 15mph for 8.5 days."

"Team mates, whether they are fellow riders or support team, are a great motivation to keep training"

RAAM Race Team


6. "You Gotta Want It!"

"In the end, if you want something bad enough, you'll put the work in."

"If you only sort of want it, then you've probably already got a good excuse in the bank for when you don't make it!"

"You Gotta Want It!"

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