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Riding a fondo is a fantastic way to explore new areas with other enthusiastic riders knowing that you are 100% supported by event staff. How do you know what you should eat and drink on a fondo though? Check out HIGH5's guide to staying fueled so you can make the most of the ride. 


An ideal pre-race breakfast is light and high in carbohydrates with a little bit of protein too. Porridge, toast and rice pudding are all high in carbohydrates. Try a poached egg or omelette for some protein.


Caffeine is a great physical and mental boost. When taking part in tough sport events like a fondo, it helps to increase your endurance performance. This means you can go faster than before without any extra training!

The scientific research has shown an effective dose is 3mg caffeine per kg bodyweight (simply multiply your weight by 3) for increased endurance performance when cycling. For example if you weight 50kg, then you need to consume 150mg caffeine which would be the same as drinking 550ml Energy Drink Caffeine Hit. Here is a summary of the amount of caffeine you can find in HIGH5 products:

Energy Gel Caffeine = 30mg caffeine per sachet

Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine = 30mg caffeine per sachet

Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine Hit = 100mg caffeine per sachet

Energy Drink Caffeine Hit = 140mg caffeine per 500ml

ZERO Caffeine Hit = 75mg caffeine per tablet

Taking caffeine 60-90 minutes before the start of your ride is usually recommended but some cyclists prefer to do this later on in the ride, just before it starts to get tougher and fatigue kicks in.

During your ride

Fuelling your bike ride

Carbohydrate is your high-energy fuel for endurance events. It will help you go faster and further. With only have a limited amount of carbohydrate stored in your body, carbohydrate re-fuelling will substantially extend your endurance by providing the extra energy you need. You can consume energy bars, gels and drinks for carbohydrate.

HIGH5 Energy Drink is an advanced sports drink that contains a revolutionary carbohydrate formulation known as 2:1 fructose to extend your endurance. 

Staying hydrated

You lose fluids and electrolytes when you sweat. If you don’t replace these, then you become dehydrated. Sport drinks, like HIGH5 ZERO and Energy Drink, contain electrolytes to enhance the absorption of water and help you to re-hydrate.

Depending on which drink you use and how much you drink, you also need to take on carbohydrates from bars and gels. Taking 60-90g of carbohydrate per hour is ideal in a fondo. If you are drinking ZERO then one Energy Bar and a gel per hour will provide you with just over 60g of carbohydrate. If you have Energy Drink in your bottle, you can take the following number of gels or bars shown per hour to provide you with 80-90g of carbohydrate per hour:

800ml Energy Drink or more ► No gel

750ml Energy Drink ► One Energy Gel or half an Energy Bar per hour

400ml Energy Drink ► Two Energy Gels or one Energy Bar per hour

Sensitive to caffeine?

If you have a medical condition or do not wish to use caffeine for another reason, then simply switch each of the products suggested above with the non-caffeine equivalent from HIGH5 and ignore the section on caffeine loading before your event.

After your ride

Drink 400ml HIGH5 Recovery Drink as soon as you finish. This contains a unique blend of whey protein isolate and carbohydrate. It gives you the time to have a shower and relax a bit before eating a balanced meal one to two hours later.

Good luck!