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About HIGH5

HIGH5 is a UK company, with over 20 years of experience in advanced sports nutrition. Their focus is on the individual; providing nutritional benefits no matter what your ability level. The brand continues to be one of the most popular choices in the market; from beginner sportive riders to Ironman triathletes, these are products that will benefit everyone.

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Why should I use sports nutrition?

When you do physical activity, your body has specific nutritional demands. Namely, you require carbohydrate to fuel your muscles, sufficient hydration to keep working efficiently, and protein to recover and repair your muscles after exercise.

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Fuelling your body: Carbohydrate

Your body can gain energy from two sources; fats and carbohydrates. Fat fuel is the "Low Power Engine"; it is always there, but it is not designed for performance and so it is slow to function. Carbohydrate is the "Speed Engine", which provides quick release energy that will boost your endurance performance. The key then is to ensure you have sufficient stores of carbohydrate to fuel your activities; this means using sports drinks, gels and bars to top up your stores during exercise.

Hydrating your body: Electrolytes

You can lose 1 litre of fluid for every hour that you exercise, and 1 percent dehydration can lead to a 10 percent fall in performance. Staying sufficiently hydrated is therefore key. Your perspiration (sweat) contains both water and electrolytes, both of these need to be replaced in order to retain performance and avoid cramp. Sports nutrition drinks contain the optimal mix of electrolytes to keep you functioning at your best.

Recovering your body: Protein

Both during and after exercise your muscles start to repair themselves with the nutrient protein. To ensure your muscles can repair quickly and successfully you need to ensure you have the correct amount of protein in your diet. Supplementing your diet with protein and carbohydrates will provide the building blocks to recover your muscles, and ensure you get the most from your sport.

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What sports nutrition products are available from HIGH5?

Energy Drinks

One of the fastest and most efficient ways of fuelling your "Carbohydrate Engine" is by using a carbohydrate energy drinks. HIGH5 EnergySource drinks are a great option from the UK company.

What is unique about these drinks? All the drinks feature HIGH5's scientifically proven 2:1 Maltodextrin - Fructose mix. Your body needs carbohydrate to perform, and with maltodextrin alone you can only absorb 60 grams per hour; with the fructose-maltodextrin mix you can absorb up to 90 grams an hour! Boosting your performance and enabling you to race faster and longer than before!

All HIGH5 energy drinks also contain electrolytes to combat cramp and aid hydration. They also use natural flavourings, without the need for artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. Our customers and event participants find HIGH5 very easy to drink, easy on the stomach, whilst also having a great taste. "I find this effective, with pleasant flavours. It's also easy on the stomach, and good value," one customer told us. (review)

Energy Gels

To supplement your carbohydrate intake from EnergySource, there are EnergyGels. These are small sachets of concentrated carbohydrate to give you a boost. They are made of real fruit juice, have a fresh natural taste, and they're easy on the stomach. Great for topping up your carbohydrate levels during exercise, and proven to work in some of the world's toughest endurance events; this is why HIGH5 continue to sponsor the Enduroman, IronMan 70.3 Cairns and some of the UK’s toughest sportives.

Carbohydrate Energy Bars

Carbohydrate rich energy bars will also help to fuel your engine. The HIGH5 Energy Bars and HIGH5 Sports Bars are ideal for both training and racing, and feature a mix of carbohydrate that will provide sustained energy as well as quick release energy. They are easy to chew, easy on the stomach, and they contain wholesome fruit.

Electrolyte Drinks Tablets

On shorter events when you do not need to supplement your carbohydrate stores, electrolyte drinks tabs such as are ideal. The HIGH5 ZERO tabs are an advanced zero calorie effervescent tablet; pop one in your water and it produces a light and refreshing drink that is high in electrolytes.

Zero tabs are a great way to combat cramp, encourage you to drink and aid your performance in hot conditions. They are super easy to just pop in your jersey and they are available in a great range of flavours too!

Caffeinated Energy Products

To provide your body with an extra boost, many of the HIGH5 products are also available as a caffeinated version. Taking on caffeine has been proven to improve performance by making you more alert, reducing fatigue and increasing concentration. Recent research has also shown that it can increase the rate of carbohydrate intake by a significant amount, boosting absorption rates to over 100 grams per hour. Look out for HIGH5 PLUS and Xtreme to add caffeine to your strategy.

Protein Recovery Drinks and Bars

Repairing and recovering your muscles after exercise is just as important as fuelling them during exercise. HIGH5 have the Protein Bar, Protein Hit and the Protein Recovery to ensure you get the best possible recovery to maximise your training benefits. These products contain high quality whey isolate protein; a form of protein that is renowned for its fast absorption and easy digestion. They come in great easy to eat flavours too; like chocolate banana and strawberry.

When should you use HIGH5 Nutrition products?

In order to get the most from your sports nutrition, it is vital to get your nutritional strategy right. This means taking on the nutrients that you need for your activity in the correct order and at the correct time.

HIGH5 have a superb range of tailored nutrition guides for both individual sports and distances. See links below for more detail: