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gift voucher buying guide

The Wiggle Christmas Countdown has begun and coming in at number 1 is that amazing song called: "Hope you buy me what I want this Crimbo."

Does this song ring a bell? Well if it does, worry not, help is at hand in the form of Wiggle Gift Vouchers, you see these ingenious devices enable your loved ones to treat themselves to a gift of their choice - talk about taking the guesswork out of Christmas gift buying!

We've created this gift voucher buying guide to ensure that your friends and family no longer embrace you through gritted teeth at Christmas, but instead greet you with a twinkle in their eye that only a Wiggle gift voucher can create.

How do gift vouchers work?

Back in the day when people had sideburns (Ed, sorry Del) and wore flares, gift vouchers were these delightful bits of paper that you enclosed in gift cards for friends and family. The passing of time has changed the game, and we have now entered the electronic age, and as a result, when you buy a Wiggle gift voucher, you receive an electronic voucher code - this code can then be used to buy products on our website.

What gift voucher is best for you?

The Wiggle Gift Voucher is available in £5, £10, £50, £75 and £100 denominations. But don't worry, although they are advertised in GBP (£), you can purchase these with AU$ and they will be redeemable on our Australian site. All conversions will be done on the site checkout, at the time of purchase and redemption.

With such a wide range of vouchers to choose from, there's a very good chance you'll be able to get the right voucher for the right person.

How do I order my gift voucher?

This is the easy bit, remember when you bought that cool new bike at Wiggle? You just added it to your basket. Our gift vouchers work exactly like any other product - just add them to your basket and then continue to checkout to complete your order. If you want to buy more than one voucher, just increase the item quantity on the basket page - it's as easy as that!

How will I receive my gift voucher?

So here's the difference, for example, let's say that you treated yourself to a cycle jersey from Wiggle and had it delivered to your door. Well this is where vouchers behave slightly differently, we don't deliver them in a Wiggle box or packet, we just email them to you, and when you open the email you'll see your electronic voucher code.

How do I give my gift voucher to friends and family?

So think back to the last time you gave a friend or loved one a present, there may have been a sense of awkwardness, perhaps your wrapping skills came under scrutiny, or maybe the act of giving makes you blush a bit...

Well, don't worry one jot, because it's super easy to give your gift voucher to your friends or family - just email it to them! Yes it really is as simple as forwarding on the email we send you. Job done!

Someone bought me a voucher - how do I use it?

You've received a Wiggle gift voucher - lucky you! Follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Select the item(s) you wish to order, add them to your basket.
  • To apply your Gift Voucher select the ‘Voucher codes and special offer’ section below the ‘Delivery options’ in the main basket page.
  • Enter the electronic voucher code you received in the ‘Enter code’ box and select the ‘apply voucher’ button.

How do I redeem multiple gift vouchers?

You have received a ton of Wiggle vouchers, it really doesn't get better than that! So how do you redeem multiple vouchers? Simple - just repeat the above process and then proceed to Checkout as normal!