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dhb are proud to announce the launch of their all-new cycle shoe collection. A year of intense development has result in a refined collection of shoes for road cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes. 

Here is a handy guide to each of the new models.



Aeron Carbon D and Aeron Carbon R

Developed to offer a precise fit, power through the pedals, and comfort for those long rides and adventures, the Aeron Carbon shoes are the pinnacle of the new shoe collection.

Available as a Dial or Ratchet option, these shoes offer a superbly precise fit. 

Both fastening options are easy to adjust on-the-fly as well, so you can tighten or loosen them as you need to on hot summer climbs, quick descents or sprints.

Both versions of the Aeron shoes feature a stiff, one-piece Carbon sole unit, which transfers all your power into the pedals. This ensures your pedal strokes are efficient, and your effort isn't wasted.  

The inside of the shoes feature a wicking mesh fabric, which is breathable and comfortable during those longer periods in the saddle. For ventilation, and to avoid overheating, the outer material has perforations within the fabric.

Fit was something that dhb were keen to get right, to ensure these shoes work for the majority of riders. Both Aeron shoes have a moderate width fit around the toebox, giving you a little extra wiggle-room for your toes, and to allow for thicker winter socks when the temperature starts to drop. The heel cup grips onto the back of your feet in a firm but comfortable way, and the tongue features a V-cut groove, so it wraps across the top of your foot evenly and cleanly, without any creases that could put pressure across the top. 

View the dhb Aeron Carbon Road Shoe Dial at Wiggle

View the dhb Aeron Carbon Road Shoe Ratchet at Wiggle



Dorica Lace-up shoe (Available in bothMTB and Road)

Featuring a classiclace-up design, the Dorica offers timeless style, and all the features you need for a comfortable ride.

Both the MTB and Road versions use the same upper material, specifically chosen to be tough enough to take the knocks on the trails, but light enough to stop your feet from getting too warm on longer rides.

The lightweight Nylon soles are stiff enough to get plenty of power into the pedals, and offer a great choice for those who don't require a full carbon version.

On the Dorica Road models, there is the added benefit of two cleat mounting options – a three-bolt SPD-SL Road cleat, or a two-bolt MTB cleat (that can be mounted onto the shoes). This makes them a versatile option for riders who spend their time between the trails and the road.

The lacing system on the Dorica allows you to tailor the fit to suit your individual requirements, and ensures things stay secure. This makes them a great option for riders with a higher (or lower) instep.The adjustability not only ensures comfort, but also means that there isn't too much pressure across the top of your foot.

Both the Road and MTB shoes have the same fit as the Aeron shoes, giving you room in the toe area, and a positive grip in the heel without being too tight or restrictive.

View the dhb - Dorica MTB Shoe at Wiggle

View the dhb Dorica Road Shoe at Wiggle



Troika 3-strap – MTB and Road

Why Troika you might ask? dhb Senior Product Manager Rich tells us that Troika is a Russian term for three horses pulling a cart in unison. In the same way, the three offset straps on these shoes work together to comfortably secure your feet, without putting excess pressure across the top, which can lead to discomfort.

Just like the Dorica, the Troika shoes have stiff but forgiving Nylon soles, with the Road model also featuring the two-way cleat option, so you can run them with 3-bolt road or 2-bolt MTB cleats.

The durable upper fabric features perforated holes for breathability, and the tongue wraps over the top of the foot to avoid causing pinch-point areas. 

Shaped from the same last as the Aeron and Dorica models, the Troika’s are perfect for riders looking for a moderate forefoot width and good grip in the heel. 

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Trinity Tri Shoe

The new shoes collections is completed with the Trinity - a comfortable, lightweight shoe, with plenty of breathability and some finishing touches designed specifically to aid performance and transition during triathlons.

The Nylon sole gives a good level of power through to the cranks, and the large forefoot strap allows for easy entry and exit in the transition zones. The lightweight mesh upper offers great breathability, and is quick-drying to help you nail the bike stage.

The offset heel pull tabs are easy to grab when you’re slipping on the shoe, and there’s elasticated crank loops to hold them onto the bike and make your transition times even quicker.

For the bold, the Trinity is also available in a fluro orange - definitely easy to spot when you are picking out your bike kit in the transition zone. 

View the dhb Trinity Tri Shoe at Wiggle


dhb's new shoe range is well considered; putting riders at the heart of their development process, to deliver a style that ticks all the boxes for what you need.