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When you're deciding what to wear for a ride, what comes first? For the dhb team, making sure you are comfortable all starts with the legwear - for a lot of rides, that means shorts!

dhb has been producing top quality cycling shorts for over ten years; receiving great reviews from the press and thousands of customers along the way. For 2016, they have totally revamped the shorts range; bringing established designs up to date; plus adding some new items, to make sure they've got the perfect shorts for every occasion.


The creation of dhb's award-winning shorts

dhb shorts start life in our London Office; where the small team design, develop and rigorously test every new dhb item. The team then work with established European suppliers, to produce the final garments; a process that takes at least twelve months.

Before going into the extensive dhb range in detail, it is worth mentioning that all of the 2016 dhb shorts feature chamois pads made by Cytech® Elastic Interface - an Italian company, who since 2000 has been the driving force in producing the most technically advanced seat pads in cycling. The company's designs use different densities of a foam that is both elastic and breathable; an Elastic Interface chamois has the right amount of padding in the areas you need it most, without excess bulkiness in places you don't! dhb also utilise their women's specific pads; with women's specific models available at every level in the range.

dhb believe that, more than any other clothing decision, good rides need good shorts. By combining the key ingredients of top quality fabrics, great pads and an exceptional fit, they're sure they've got the shorts for you.

Let's take a look at the range...


The dhb Aeron bib shorts: An evolution of a classic

The dhb Aeron Bibs are a dependable and versatile option for all types of riding; from short spins to long hard days in the saddle. Robust enough to stand up to everyday use, but special enough to make them suitable for Sunday best; the Aeron shorts are real all-rounders.


A lot of dhb's great reputation from the last five years centres on the top-rated Aeron Pro bib shorts, which were first produced in 2011. The Aeron Pro offered brilliant performance, for a great price. Based on the feedback from thousands of customer reviews, the new Aeron Bibs have evolved from this wardrobe staple, into something even more refined. Gone is the contrast stitching, and reduced are the number of panels; helping to clean up the look. The new, more subtle, silicone particle leg gripper also helps keep the shorts in place all day long.


Also updated is the main fabric: The Aeron shorts now use Italian MITI® Granfondo; an advanced performance fabric, offering great compression and moisture transfer to keep you comfortable.


dhb haven't changed things for the sake of it, though: The star of the show is still the tried and tested Cytech Tour HP Super Air chamois; super comfortable, for all day riding. A new top fabric on this pad is there to help moisture management.

The range:




dhb Aeron shorts - Women's specific options

Bib shorts are a faff for Women. To combat this, the Aeron Bibs come in two women's specific options.


First up, is the dhb Aeron Women's Halterneck Bib Shorts (2018), featuring patent-pending technology first introduced last year, to great acclaim. Using a Miti® fabric with incredible stretch and return, the halterneck strap is so stretchy that there's no need to remove the strap when nature calls – you can just pull down the shorts; meaning you don't have to take off your jersey. A few tweaks to the sizing on this garment means the fit is better than ever; suiting even taller riders without putting strain on the neck.


If you're not ready to make the jump to the one strap halterneck, though; the dhb Aeron Women's Clip Bib Shorts use a magnetic clip to hold the bibs in place; making them easier than standard bibs to remove, with the two straps helping to distribute the weight across the shoulders.


Just as with the old Aeron Pro shorts, we also produce a ¾ length bib version for colder days, plus waist short versions for those not keen on bibs yet. The fit of all these shorts is geared towards performance, without being too aggressive; with plenty of stretch in each garment.

If your rides are getting longer, and you want to move on from your first pair of shorts; the dhb Aeron bibs are a great choice, which will keep you in comfort in the saddle - day in, day out.

The range:




The dhb Aeron Speed Bib Shorts: All-day luxury

The dhb Aeron Speed Bibs, again available for both Men and Women, bring a new level of performance to the dhb range. If you're in for long days out, in high temperatures, and want to ride in luxury... look no further.


Starting with the pad, dhb have used a quad-density Cytech Comp HP; one of the most advanced pads made by Elastic Interface, which they rate as suitable for rides in excess of over 6 hours. The Wiggle team have completed several 100+ mile rides on this pad, and find it lives up to its billing! It manages to give a great amount of support, without being too bulky and uncomfortable over a long ride.


Another special feature of the dhb Aeron Speed Bib shorts, is the main fabric. Revolutional® Energy fabric has been treated with coldblack® technology. This finish reduces the absorption of heat rays – a common problem with black fabrics – meaning your legs will remain cool even in the most scorching conditions. Back in January, on our SS16 photo shoot, it got up to 44 Celsius! There were no complaints from the riders in the dhb Aeron Speed apparel!


The straps on the dhb Aeron Speed Bibs Shorts feature wide elastic; to help distribute pressure effectively. Meanwhile the lower bib section is made from a lightweight mesh; to help keep you comfortable and cool. These are for the discerning rider who doesn't want their kit to get in the way of their ride!

The range:






Aeron Rain Defence: All weather protection

Sharing the same pad as the Aeron Speed Bibs featured above, the new dhb Rain Defence Bib Shorts are a weather-proof option; for changeable weather conditions. Constructed from a breathable, waterproof fabric, with seams kept to a minimum; they help keep the conditions out, whilst still letting your muscles breathe.

These are shorts for riders who won't let the weather stop them getting their ride in; particularly in early and late season conditions.

The range:




The dhb ASV Bib Shorts: Our ultimate racing shorts

What makes the dhb ASV shorts such a customer favourite? Part of it, has to be their sophisticated simplicity. In terms of make-up, there's nothing to distract from performance in these shorts: like a stripped back race car, everything is geared towards that extra tenth of a second.

Built on the back of our three-year relationship with the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling Team, the ASV bibs are a proven race-winners.


The choice of pad is a big part of the design. In the last two years, dhb have gone for the Cytech Endurance HD Chamois; a top level racing pad, perfect for high intensity riding. At first glance, the dhb ASV shorts pad looks less complicated than the Aeron pads; but this is because it's geared towards the singular focus of performing under race conditions. The dual density pad is suitable for hours in the saddle, on the limit!


Designed for racing, the ASV shorts come in a tight, second-skin fit; so you may need to go up a size compared to what you wear in other dhb ranges.

These are stripped-back and race-tuned: the dhb ASV Bibs are for when you want to move. Fast.

The range:




The dhb Classic Bib Shorts: Uncomplicated design, quality components.         

When you think about it, cycling isn't a complicated sport. Neither are the dhb Classic Bib Shorts. They may be mid-price in the dhb range, but their designers haven't cut any corners; with many features trickling down from the more expensive options.

The Classic shorts are the evolution of the 'old Aeron Race Bibs.


As ever, a Cytech Pad sits at the centre of these shorts; this time a Giro Super Air, which is good for up to 5 hours in the saddle; featuring dual-density foam and great moisture management.  Silicone grippers then hold the shorts in place, whilst breathable mesh braces provide extra comfort.


The Classic bibs are hardworking shorts; equally at home on the Sunday club run and the daily commute; many of the dhb team ride these to work. dhb also offer a bib-less version for extra convenience.

The range:




The dhb Blok Bib Shorts: Colour your ride

The dhb Blok Bib Shorts are there to add a bit of fun to your ride. Colour doesn't mean compromised performance, however. These bibs have a lot in common with the Classic shorts; including a Cytech Giro Super Air Pad and Lycra Sport fabric.


What's different? The difference is the grippers – a wide silicone-backed band which allows a healthy dose of colour.


The Prism versions of the dhb Blog shorts feature a sublimated panel; to tie in with the matching Prism Jersey and Sock combos.

The range:




dhb Shorts: Exceeding your expectations

dhb are all about surprising riders, with great products, at surprising prices - the 'standard' dhb Bib Shorts deliver incredible value.


Of course, there's a Cytech Elastic Interface Pad; this time the Veloce chamois, providing dual-density comfort for up to 3 hours – perfect if you're just starting to stretch your legs. This is paired with Italian Miti® performance fabric and silicone leg grippers. These shorts are perfect for those looking to get into bib shorts, without spending a lot of money. There is also a waist short option, too.

The range:


Hopefully that’s given you an idea of what shorts are best for you. Any questions? Drop us a line on twitter @dhbsport