• Staff reviews
    Exposure Diablo and Maxx-D review
    31 Dec 2015 / Tom Vaux
    Wiggler Tom Vaux was handed a pair of Exposure lights to test over the winter months. Have a read of his staff review and learn more about Exposure's impressive range of lights.
  • Staff reviews
    Exposure TraceR/Sirius MK4 lights review
    10 Dec 2015
    Wiggle staffer Daniel Oakshott has been busy testing some lights from Exposure aboard his trusty single speed. Have a read of his lights review and learn more about the Exposure TraceR rear light, Sirius Mk4 front light, and Link combination light!
  • Staff reviews
    LifeLine Performance 700 Lumen Front Light/LifeLine Rear Strip Light review
    02 Dec 2015
    Wiggle staffer Ben Gray recently received some test lights from LifeLine. Have a read of this excellent review of the LifeLine Performance 700 Lumen Front Light and LifeLine Rear Strip Light.
  • Staff reviews
    Lezyne Deca Drive XXL/Macro Drive XL/Stip Drive Pro review
    23 Nov 2015
    Wiggle staffer Tim Wiggins is a daily commuter, who racks up around 250 kilometres of commuting each week; all on a mix of touring bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes. In this product review, Tim tests some bike lights from US brand Lezyne.
  • Staff reviews
    Cateye Volt 1600/Volt 400/Rapid X3 review
    20 Nov 2015
    Over the last 6 months, Wiggle staff member Chris Wright has been busy testing some fantastic products from Cateye. Have a read of this insightful lights review ...
  • Buying guides
    Christmas gift list: Garmin GPS Cycle Computers
    06 Nov 2015
    Wiggle's Cycle GPS buyer Jon Davis has kindly compiled this list of Garmin Christmas gift recommendations for your viewing pleasure - #goodstuff
  • Staff reviews
    PowerTap P1 Pedal review
    03 Nov 2015
    The new PowerTap P1 Pedal set promises to bring power measuring technology at an affordable new price point; Wiggle staff tester Tim Wiggins put this pedal to the metal to test out this exciting new offering from PowerTap.
  • Buying guides
    Christmas gift list: Road wheels
    26 Oct 2015
    There is quite simply no product upgrade that will make a bigger difference to the performance of your bike than a set of new hoops. We asked Wiggle's Wheel buyer Jodie Shann to send us his Christmas gift recommendations for road wheels - #goodstuff
  • Buying guides
    gift voucher buying guide
    15 Oct 2015
    The Christmas Countdown has well and truly begun so we have created this gift voucher buying guide to give you a helping hand during the festive season!
  • How to guides
    Size up with Wiggle's Virtual Fitting Room
    14 Oct 2015
    When it comes to clothing, we all know that getting the right size is key, and that's why we have created our virtual fitting room service. This amazing piece of technology gives you a photo-accurate visualisation of fit - in short, it takes the guesswork out of sizing!