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    dhb 2016 cycle shorts guide
    24 May 2016
    When you're deciding what to wear for a ride, what comes first? For the dhb team, making sure you are comfortable all starts with the legwear - for a lot of rides, that means shorts! dhb has been producing top quality cycling shorts for over ten years; receiving great reviews from the press and thousands of customers along the way. For 2016,...
  • How to guides
    Cycling Nutrition Guide by Science in Sport
    10 May 2016
    Whether you're cycling for fitness or for a competition, don't let those hard earned miles go to waste by having a poor nutritional strategy. Your nutrition will determine how you perform in the saddle; get it right and you can manage fatigue, adapt, and increase performance. In this guide, we get some Top Tips from Science in Sport; on how they help fuel professional cycling teams like Team Sky Professional Cycling.
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    Optimising your caffeine intake for sport - With TrueStart coffee
    15 Apr 2016
    We all know that caffeine can have performance benefits; especially for endurance sports. It can help you to feel fired-up, 'activated' and ready to roll. How much caffeine is optimal for performance though? When should you take caffeine before sport? What is the best way to take it? We talk to performance coffee brand TrueStart, to find the answers...
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    O.R.S. Hydration Guide - How to hydrate for cycling, running and swimming events
    07 Apr 2016
    In this guide, experts in sports nutrition O.R.S Hydration, give us their advice on how to be and stay optimally hydrated during tri-sports events like sportives, marathons and triathlons.
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    Which supplements are best for cyclists?
    18 Mar 2016
    Sports nutrition can be a minefield, for both amateur and professionals alike; so in this guide, we ask which supplements could help your cycling, and which supplements could help you to ride faster and recover faster.
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    The dhb Women’s Halterneck Bib Shorts - An innovative solution…
    29 Feb 2016
    At dhb, we don't like problems: we prefer solutions. Our product development team recognised a problem that all female cyclists encounter on those longer rides - the mid-ride wee stop. With a problem identified, we set out to find a solution!
  • Staff reviews
    SRAM Level brake guide
    23 Feb 2016
    Wiggler Steve Kitchin shares his guide on the new SRAM Level brake.
  • Staff reviews
    Exposure Diablo and Maxx-D review
    31 Dec 2015 / Tom Vaux
    Wiggler Tom Vaux was handed a pair of Exposure lights to test over the winter months. Have a read of his staff review and learn more about Exposure's impressive range of lights.
  • Staff reviews
    Exposure TraceR/Sirius MK4 lights review
    10 Dec 2015
    Wiggle staffer Daniel Oakshott has been busy testing some lights from Exposure aboard his trusty single speed. Have a read of his lights review and learn more about the Exposure TraceR rear light, Sirius Mk4 front light, and Link combination light!
  • Staff reviews
    LifeLine Performance 700 Lumen Front Light/LifeLine Rear Strip Light review
    02 Dec 2015
    Wiggle staffer Ben Gray recently received some test lights from LifeLine. Have a read of this excellent review of the LifeLine Performance 700 Lumen Front Light and LifeLine Rear Strip Light.