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    image of man riding a commuter bike
    18 May 2015
    If you are new to the two wheeled world, then there are several Wiggle guides that will make things a lot easier to understand. Whether you are struggling with bike jargon, the accessories you need to buy or the clothing you should wear, we are here to help. Read on to learn more... Bike buying guide "What bike is right for me?" This is...
  • How to guides
    How to repair a puncture
    18 May 2015
    It’s one of those tasks that we all find a chore, always seeming to strike at the worst possible time; when it’s pouring with rain and freezing cold, but it’s an essential skill to have in any cyclists repertoire. Being familiar with the puncture repair process can save you a whole lot of hassle and time when you next suffer a...
  • Staff reviews
    Gore Oxygen Windstopper Softshell Short Sleeve Jersey
    15 May 2015 / Richard Pearman
    Richard Pearman is an avid cyclist who has been cycling and racing since he left school. Now in his mid forties, he still has a love, and passion, for cycling be-it training or racing for Team Wiggle. In this review, UK Wiggler 'Rich' tests the Gore Oxygen Windstopper Softshell Short Sleeve Jersey - #goodstuff
  • Staff reviews
    Grouptest: Wiggle staff winter tyre test
    15 May 2015
    Now that the darker evenings and storms of autumn have arrived, it's time for the Wiggle staff winter tyre test - have you swapped out your summer rubber for some more robust winter treads? We handed out sets of various tyres to our keen staff road riders and ask them to feed back on what they thought of the grip, puncture protection and...
  • Staff reviews
    Fi’zi:k Cyrano finishing kit
    15 May 2015 / Tim Wiggins
    When you're building a bike, the finishing kit is an component that should never be overlooked or skimped on. The bars, stem and seatpost are crucial to getting the most of any frame and getting the right 'feel' on a bike. UK-based Wiggler Tim Wiggins has been testing the fi'zi:k alloy Cyrano kit.
  • Staff reviews
    Bracciano A42 G3 PowerTap Wheels review
    13 May 2015 / Richard Pearman
    New wheels for Richard Over the last 4 weeks I have been testing a set of Pro Lite Bracciano A42 G3Powertap clincher wheels as part of my ongoing training for my 2015 season. To date, I have used this wheelset whilst out on long endurance rides recording data, via my Garmin 500 , such as HR (through my chest strap), cadence, and power etc. The...
  • Staff reviews
    Altura ARC 40 Panniers
    13 May 2015 / Chris Wright
    In this Wiggle staff review Chris Wright tests the Altura ARC 40 Panniers, have a read to see how he got on and pay close attention to his valuable Top Tip.
  • Staff reviews
    Bracciano A42 PowerTap Wheels review Part 1
    13 May 2015 / Richard Pearman
    The Pro Lite Bracciano A42 PowerTap wheelset enables you to measure your performance and power and take your training to the next level. We handed a set of the Bracciano wheels to our experienced staff tester Richard Pearman to see if they could help him compare and contrast his training rides.
  • Staff reviews
    Staff review: Gore Oxygen GT AS jacket
    27 Apr 2015 / Richard Pearman
    The Gore Bike Wear Oxygen AS jacket is widely recognised as one of the best waterproof cycle jackets in the market today. We wanted to find out for ourselves so handed Wiggle tester Richard Pearman a sample to see if this jacket really is worthy of such incredible accolades.
  • Staff reviews
    Verenti Technique Claris 2015
    27 Apr 2015 / Ed Tibbitts
    For 2015 Verenti is proud to introduce its new entry level road bike the Verenti Technique Claris. Wiggle tester Ed Tibbitts has a reputation for clocking up some serious training miles in rain or shine; he fitted the bill perfectly to saddle up with the Claris and report back to us with his findings.