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    dhb 2016 cycle shorts guide
    24 May 2016
    When you're deciding what to wear for a ride, what comes first? For the dhb team, making sure you are comfortable all starts with the legwear - for a lot of rides, that means shorts! dhb has been producing top quality cycling shorts for over ten years; receiving great reviews from the press and thousands of customers along the way. For 2016,...
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    Which supplements are best for cyclists?
    18 Mar 2016
    Sports nutrition can be a minefield, for both amateur and professionals alike; so in this guide, we ask which supplements could help your cycling, and which supplements could help you to ride faster and recover faster.
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    The dhb Women’s Halterneck Bib Shorts - An innovative solution…
    29 Feb 2016
    At dhb, we don't like problems: we prefer solutions. Our product development team recognised a problem that all female cyclists encounter on those longer rides - the mid-ride wee stop. With a problem identified, we set out to find a solution!
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    Christmas gift list: Garmin GPS Cycle Computers
    06 Nov 2015
    Wiggle's Cycle GPS buyer Jon Davis has kindly compiled this list of Garmin Christmas gift recommendations for your viewing pleasure - #goodstuff
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    Christmas gift list: Road wheels
    26 Oct 2015
    There is quite simply no product upgrade that will make a bigger difference to the performance of your bike than a set of new hoops. We asked Wiggle's Wheel buyer Jodie Shann to send us his Christmas gift recommendations for road wheels - #goodstuff
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    gift voucher buying guide
    15 Oct 2015
    The Christmas Countdown has well and truly begun so we have created this gift voucher buying guide to give you a helping hand during the festive season!
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    2015 Mekk Poggio 2.6 105
    13 Aug 2015
    Have a watch of our bike guide video and see if the 2015 Mekk Poggio 2.6 should be your next bike!
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    image of Garmin cycle GPS
    30 Jun 2015
    A Cycle GPS computer is a fantastic training companion to hit the road and trails with year-round.
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    Introducing: dhb Halterneck Shorts
    26 Jun 2015
    Though some are initially sceptical, most cyclists will transition to wearing bib shorts on the bike: waist shorts offer a great level of comfort, but the secure fit of bibs is a real step up. Unfortunately this increased comfort means a decrease in convenience when nature calls. This isn’t much of a problem for men, but for women it’s...
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    Women's mountain bike fit guide
    26 Jun 2015 / Sarah Pain
    If the bike fits, ride it! As a woman you need a bike that fits you well and works with your body shape – sound familiar? Well it should, this is exactly the same rule that applies to men - women are no different in their bike buying needs! Frame and fit A mountain bike trail doesn’t care about your gender when it throws in a steep...