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Christmas gift list: Garmin GPS Cycle Computers

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you cycled away. This year, to save me from tears, I'll buy myself something special, from Garmin.

We all know that Santa resides somewhere in the North Pole, but ever wonder how he finds his way around the globe come Christmas time? I mean let's face it; Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is hardly the brains of the operation, nope, the secret behind Santa's navigational expertise is surely a Garmin GPS ...(Ed - sure about that?!)

Wiggle's Cycle GPS buyer Jon Davis has kindly compiled this list of Garmin Christmas gift recommendations for you - #goodstuff

Garmin Edge 25

Revolutionise your riding with the Garmin Edge 25. This easy to use GPS/GLONASS enabled bike computer lets you compare and contrast your rides with incredible precision. 

Garmin Edge 520

The Garmin Edge 520 is packed with a vast array of incredible features such as in-ride challenges through Strava. It also comes with a full colour display and superb connectivity capabilities - don't believe us? Have a look at this excellent Wiggle staff review by Andy Burtenshaw!

Garmin Edge 1000

The Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Cycle Computer comes with a whole host of features and offers in-ride challenges through Garmin Connect™ segments. It also comes with preloaded Garmin Cycle Maps, round-trip routing, wireless uploads and live tracking - #goodstuff. Have a view of this helpful Wiggle staff review below.

Garmin Edge Explore 1000

It's time to get your adventure on with the Garmin Edge Explore 1000. Perfect for touring and off-roading. The round trip routing will take you on new adventures on whatever terrain you desire.