Cycle guides
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    28 May 2020
    It’s difficult, occasionally uncomfortable, and tough on your bike, but whether you’re a road racer, MTB trailer, or a devoted commuter, winter riding is still definitely worth it. Here's are guide to ensuring your bike is as ready as you.
Run guides
  • 01 Jun 2020
    As we slip into that 'transition' between autumn and spring, or summer and autumn, getting your running kit right can become a little…challenging. The weather is unpredictable at the best of times. If you run in the morning, there's a real nip in the air but it can quickly warm up. Sunshine can rapidly turn to cloud and then...
Swim guides
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    27 Aug 2019
    Whatever your sport, swimming is a popular way to cross-train. It works muscle groups you might otherwise neglect, helps with your breathing and it's low impact so it can be a great way to stay active if you're suffering from an injury. We asked Speedo which two basic skills could help you to get the most from your workout. Freestyle like...
Triathlon guides
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    27 Aug 2019
    Choosing your first wetsuit needn't be a daunting experience. We asked the experts at Zone3 how to find the right wetsuit for you. When we think about wetsuits, a common misconception is that surfing wetsuits and triathlon wetsuits are the same. The main difference between the two is simply thickness and speed. Surfing wetsuits aren’t...
Events guides
  • Training guides
    20 Aug 2018
    Riding a fondo is a fantastic way to explore new areas with other enthusiastic riders knowing that you are 100% supported by event staff. How do you know what you should eat and drink on a fondo though? Check out HIGH5 's guide to staying fueled so you can make the most of the ride. Breakfast An ideal pre-race breakfast is light and high in...